A Good Credit Score Probably Means You’re Broke

Credit scores are dumb; stop worrying about having a good credit score! Doing so will only make you broke.

If society has ever successfully brainwashed the masses about anything, it’s clearly the idea that you have to have a good credit score.

This is one of the biggest financial deceptions of our time. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You have to have a good credit score,” come out of the mouths of well-intentioned broke people.  We all have been brainwashed into thinking “good credit” is what it takes to be successful in this world – but nothing could be further from the truth.

It wasn’t until I stopped caring about my credit score did I start actually winning with money and actually growing my net worth.

And, no, I’m not against credit because I’m angry at my crap score. I have a great credit score actually – over 800 – I just don’t care about it, and you shouldn’t either.

The reason my credit score is what it is, is because I have a mortgage – but that’s all I have.  I don’t borrow money for anything else; I have no other debt.

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When I ask people why they need a “good credit score,” they give me some of the dumbest reasons imaginable.

Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard, along with my responses to those reasons.  If these are the reasons why I need a good credit score, then I, obviously, have nothing to worry about.  Chances are, you don’t either.

Buying a car

For most people, they couldn’t even imagine buying a car without a loan.  It’s almost like society has brainwashed us into thinking that we have to have a car payment.  Here’s what happens.

When you buy a car, you get a loan.  When the loan is paid, it’s time for a new car.  After all, that’s when the car starts breaking down, right?  So it’s time to buy a new one, and of course we take a loan out for it.  We are trapped into always having a car payment – that is ridiculous.

You don’t have to have a car payment; you don’t have to get a loan to buy a car!

Some people might have a heart attack hearing this, but it’s true.  What did people do before car loans were a thing, or before a “credit score” ever existed?  They saved their money and paid cash for it.  It’s still possible to buy cars this way – I’ve done it for my last three cars.  I haven’t had a car payment in over 13 years, and I don’t plan on having one ever again.

So why do I need a “good credit score” to buy a car if I never plan on buying a car on credit?

Obviously, I don’t – so having a good credit score does nothing for me when it comes to buying a car.

Buying a house

I will say that this is perhaps the best excuse to have good credit.  It’s probably the only excuse listed here that has any merit whatsoever. But even then, you don’t have to have a good credit score to buy a house.

If you have bad credit, you can always get an FHA loan.

If you have no credit, you can always find a lender that does manual underwriting – this is how homes used to be purchased before credit scores existed – like back in the good old days.

I will admit that if you have a good credit score (something north of 700), it makes buying a house a whole lot easier. But it’s not impossible to buy a house with no credit or even bad credit; there are still ways to do it.

Yes, it’s more difficult.  Yes, it might take longer, and you might have to provide more documentation, but who cares?  You shouldn’t be rushed into making a purchase like that anyway.  And even if you have good credit, lenders still might want more documentation, so what does it matter?

It is easier to buy a house with good credit, but it’s not impossible if you have bad credit or no credit, so keep that in mind.

Getting good interest rates

I don’t borrow money anymore, so I don’t pay interest rates.  It doesn’t matter how good interest rates are because I don’t intend to ever borrow money.  This is something I decided years ago, and so interest rates mean nothing to me.

Getting good insurance rates

I haven’t experienced this personally, but I have heard that if you have bad credit that could cause you to get higher insurance rates.  If true, that is pretty pathetic.

There’s like a million different insurance providers out there, so if I ever encounter an insurance company that gives me a bad rate because I have a bad credit score, I will simply call the next guy on the list and do business with them instead.

If an insurance company is going to punish me because of a silly credit score, I have no interest in doing business with them.  In other words, you don’t need a good credit score to get good insurance rates. At the very least, you can always shop around to find the best rates available.

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Getting a good job

Similar to insurance rates, I hear that sometimes employers won’t hire you if you have a bad credit score.  This is also pathetic.

I haven’t experienced this myself, but if I had, I don’t think I would want to work for a company like that.

Seriously!  There are way too many jobs out there to put up with that kind of nonsense.  Why work for a company that does that?

I’ve never applied for a job that pulled my credit score, but if I had and wasn’t hired as a result, I’d consider it a blessing.  I don’t want to work for a company that makes decisions about people based on a credit score – that even sounds dumb.

I don’t plan on working for a company that hires me based on my credit score, so having a good credit score to get a good job doesn’t apply to me.


Having a good credit score, requires you to go into debt, stay in debt, and pay your debt on-time, usually paying high interest rates while you’re at it.  This is what broke people do.

Why do that? Just for a score that does nothing for you?

There’s no reason for it.  Clearly you don’t need it to get any of the things above, so why bother?

So don’t.  Once you stop caring about your credit score, you will likely start winning with money. That’s what happened to me, and it could happen to you, too.